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FT007 4CH 2.4G Yellow High Speed Racing RC Boat Description: Item No: FT007 Size: 35×9×9cm Frequency: 2.4G Color: Red and yellow (send randomly) Battery For Transmitter: 6×1.5V” AA battery(not included) Battery For Boat: 7.4V Nickel-cadmium batteries(700mAh) (included) Operation distance: about 100 to 150 meters Running speed: about 17 to 20 kilometers per hour Charging Time: about 60 minutes. Serviceable time: about 6 to 9 minutes Function: go forward,backward,turn left and right,with righting function Color: Yellow OMNI-direction function:forward,backward,left/Right Turn The boat is powered by 370 type racing motor which produces tremendous power Processionally designed and manufactured PC propeller which not only provides huge thrust,but is not easy to be damaged as well Vector-push design ,easy to be controlled Professional high capacity chargeable battery and quick battery charger means the boat a long time and high speed race 100% metal actuating mechanism which is durable Package Included: 1 x RC boat 1 x 2.4G transmitter 1 x battery 1 x propeller 1 x charger 1 x boat holder[…]

Description: Basic information Model:Flytec 2011-10 Material:Plastic and metal Power System ESC: Brush Charge:Included Control way:Radio control Transmitter Frequency:40MHZ Battery Battery:8XAA battery(not included) Transmitter battery:1X9V battery (not included) Other Using time:15-20min Control distance:100+m Max speed:15km/h Dimension Size:45.8×13.3x9cm Package:56x16x16cm Feature: Functions: go forward / backward, turn left and right, with righting function, can be easily controlled. New design: water drop novel appearance and exquisite workmanship. Built-in water cooling system: safe and reliable for motors. Self-righting function: enables the boat flip 180° when it capsized New high speed: speed up to 15km per hour. Double navigating rudder: when the boat go off course, the double navigating rudder can manually correct direction for a smooth and straight path. Package list: 1 * RC Boat 1 * Remote[…]

Description: Basic information Brand:UdiR/C Item No:UDI901 Color: red Max speed:20km/h Power System Transmitter Frequency: 2.4G Remote distance:about 150m Battery Battery: 3.7V  600mAh battery(included) Using time:about 10minutes Other Weight:about 985g,with box Dimension Boat size:33*9*5cm(L*W*H) Box size:38*28*13cm(L*W*H) Package included: 1X Rc Boat(included the battery) 1X Transmitter 1X Charger 1X Display stand 1X Propeller 1X Maual   Tags: 3.7v, 4G, boat, bra, esc, nut, power, propeller, rc, rc boat, remote, rope, transmitter

Description: Are you still vexed about how to choose a fantastic gift for your kid’s birthday or upcoming festivals? Then don’t miss out this Happycow 777-216 Simulation Series Radio Control Boat Submarine Toy! Adopting first-grade plastic material and exquisite workmanship, it is uneasy to break by incidentally collision and heavy dash. Withexquisite design and eye-catching style, it is suitable for each kid with strong curiosity. It is really a helpful way to cultivate your kid’s operating ability as well as bring him lots of surprise and entertainment. More fun begins from this remote control toy! Features: Reliable quality guarantees its stable performance. New design idea, novel appearance and exquisite workmanship. Beautiful and classic remote control boat toy. Easy to control[…]

Description: Model: 508872 Material: Plastic Color: Red / Green Frequency: 27MHZ Size: 33x11x9cm Voltage: 4.8V Battery, 9V remote control battery Features: The appearance of painting beautiful, exquisite workmanship ABS material, more durable Side of the high stream, reducing water resistance, effectively enhance the speed Package Included: 1 x Toy Boat 1 x Remote Control 1 x Charger (Europlug) 2 x Battery Tags: 33% OFF, boat, esc, rc, rc boat, remote

Description: Basic information Brand:Zhi Lun Item No:F6653 Color:grey Max speed: 20km/h on the ground,or 5km/h above water surface Power System Transmitter Frequency: 27MHZ Battery Boat Battery: 9.6V  800mAh battery(included) Charging time:about 2hours Using time:about 5-10minutes Other Weight:about 1866g,with box Dimension Boat size:52.5×16.4×37.3cm Box size:53*17*38cm Package included: 1X Rc Boat(included the boat battery) 1X Transmitter 1X US Plug Charger Tags: 6v, boat, bra, esc, nut, ph, power, rc, rc boat, transmitter

Description: Brand: Wltoys Item Name: 2.4G Brushless RC Boat Item NO.: WL915 Boat Weight: About 558g Speed: 45km/h Motor: 2848/1900KV Brushless Motor ESC: Brushless Servo: 3KG Frequence: 2.4GHz Battery: 1.5AA*4 Control Distance: 80-100 meters Type: Li-ion (INCLUDED) Voltage: 11.1V Capacity: 1200mAh  20C Playing Time: 5min Charging time: Around 150 min Color: Green/Red Recommended Age: 8+ Adaptor: (INCLUDED) Basic Functions: Full Proportional Forward, Backward, Turn Left, Turn Right Vehicle Length: About  43cm Vehicle Width: About 17cm Vehicle Height: About 12cm Package included: 1 × RC Boat 1 × Transmitter 1 × 11.1V Battery 1 × EU Charger 1 × Manual ,,,,,,,,,,,, Tags: 11.1, 11.1v, 11.1v battery, 120, 2.4ghz, 4G, 4ghz, boat, bra, Brushless, Brushless motor, esc, rc, rc boat, transmitter, wltoys

Description: Basic information Brand:TFL Item No:1133 Color:Blue & white Power System ESC:120A ESC Motor: SSS 3674 2075KV brushless motor Transmitter Not Included Battery Not Included Other Material: Glass fibre Weight: 5.5kg Packaging weight:about 6865g Dimension Boat Size:Size: 1040×300.5×140.5mm Features: 4019 Copper Propeller 110mm Shaft 120 rudder 4019 copper paddle Recommendation(the packaging do not include): 1.Transmitter,FS-GT2E, FS-GT3B 2.Servo: S3003 6KG servo 3.Battery:14.8V 8000Hah 40C Lipo 4.TFL 1040mm Zonda 2.4G Rc boat in black color,please click here Package included: 1X Rc Boat((Without Battery, Servo, Transmitter, Charger) 1X Manual Tags: 120, 4G, 5mm, boat, bra, Brushless, Brushless motor, esc, fs, gt2, lipo, power, propeller, rc, rc boat, rope, tfl, transmitter

Description: Size: 460*125*118mm Color:Black Battery:11.1V lithium battery(1800mAh) 25C Transmitter Frequency:2.4G Battery of transmitter:AA“6×1.5”dry batteries(not included) Using time:5 to 6 minutes Charging time:about 3 hours Material :ABS,electronic component Operation distance:100 to 150 meters Speed:40-45KM/H For age:Age 14+ Function:Brushless motors, water circulating cooling, forward/backward,left/right turn, automatic flip over function Protection function:Over-charge and over-discharge function Characteristic: 1. Equipped with 35A super power two-way Electronic speed controller,2815-35000 KV brushless motor and 1800Mah 25c lithium polymer battery,FT012 is super power and flexible fast, top speed can reach 45 km/h. 2. Flip over automatically and quickly when the boat is capsized, easy to operate. 3. With water-cooling system motor and electronic speed controller, excellent cooling down performance,make the boat more stable in a longer time racing.[…]

Description: – Colors: Blue, Yellow Note: Please kindly leave us a PAYPAL NOTE specifying your favorite Color, otherwise we will send it in Random. – Size: Approx. 14×3.5×5.1cm/ 5.51×1.38×2.01″ – Material: Plastic + Metal – Speed: 0.1m/s – Dive Deep: 0.5m – Charging Time: About 35 minutes – Remote Control: 4 x AAA 1.5V Batteries (Not included) Features: – 6CH: right/ left, up/ down, forward/ backward, 360° turn around – 3 motors installed to control the Static Diving, Propeller & Rudder system respectively – Static Diving System, enable the submarine to float & dive up to 0.5 meters depth – Single Drive Screw Propeller System, enable the submarine to move forward, backward, left, right. Maximum speed reachs 0.1m /s –[…]

Description: Basic information Brand:Feilun Item No:FT016 Color:orange and army green Max speed:28km/h Power System Motor:540 brushed motor Transmitter Frequency: 2.4G Channel: 4CH Remote distance:about 100-150m Battery:6X AA(not included) Battery Battery: 7.4V  1500mAh battery(included) Charging time:about 300minutes(with the USB charger Using time:about 8minutes Other Weight:about 1361g,with box Dimension Boat size:47.1*12.5*11.8cm Box size:50*20*18cm Forward, backward, left turn, right turn and up function, low power and over-ride alarm Four-channel remote control speed boat,built-in water cooling system. Package included: 1X Rc Boat(included the battery) 1X Transmitter 1X USB Charger Cable 1X Display stand 1X Manual 2X Propeller 1X Anti-collision rubber Tags: 4G, arm, boat, bra, cable, esc, nut, power, propeller, rc, rc boat, remote, rope, transmitter

Description: Basic information Brand:TIANKE Item No.:H106 Power System ESC: Brush Servo:The fastest rate 25km/h  waterproof Transmitter Frequency: 2.4G Channel: 4CH Battery Battery: 7.4V  600mAh  Lipo Other Using time: 8-10min Charging Time: 2h Control distance: 150m Dimension Size: 35.2×9.2cx9cm Package size:37x10x10cm Description: This RC boat is an entry-level RC model that most players would love to have in this hot summer. It has a flat, streamlined shape, it can run swiftly in the water for a high speed. With the built-in 7.4 600mAh lithium-ion battery, your boat can continuously for 8 minutes. In addition, the transmitter has a LCD display. Featrue: Function: forward / backward, turn left / turn right, auto 180 degree turnover 8 minutes’ playing provided by the 7.4V 600mAh battery Left and right hand automatic switching[…]

Description: Color: Green, Yellow, Blue Note: Please kindly leave us a PAYPAL NOTE specifying your favorite Color, otherwise we will send it in Random. Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) + PS (Polystyrene) Size: Approx. 95x70x55mm/ 3.74×2.76×2.17″ Submarine Battery: 3.6V/150mAh (include) Charging From: Controller Control Mode: Radio Control Controller Power: 4 x 1.5V AA Batteries (Not included) Controlling Distance: 4-5 meters Ages: 8+ Function: Full function (Float, Dive, Turn left, Turn right) Features: Novel appearance and exquisite workmanship, stable performance Beautiful and classic remote control boat toy, it is very easy to control Support basic performance, such as turn left, right, forward, backward and so on Even all required accessories are included for better operation There are three navigation lights, the[…]

Description: Basic information Brand:JABO Item No:2AD Color:Black No-load speed:about 80m/minute Power System Motor:double 380 brushed motor Gearset drive,Built-in propeller Transmitter Frequency: 2.4G Remote distance:about 300m(on the water) Battery Boat battery:3.7V,10Ah,20Ah/30Ah battery(the Ah is just one) Charging time:about 15/30hours Using time:about 1.5-2/3-4hours Others Bait capacity:about 1KG Dimension Boat size:620*263*180mm Function: forward, turn left, right, reverse and relase hook and bait. Package included: 1X Rc Boat(included the battery) 1X Transmitter 1X Lifting bait warehouse 1X Hanging line hook Tags: 180, 3.7v, 4G, boat, bra, esc, gear, gears, gps, nut, power, propeller, rc, rc boat, remote, rope, transmitter

Description: Basic information Brand:Flytec Item No:HQ2011-1 Scale: 1/18 Color:Red Speed:15-20km/h Power System Transmitter Frequency: 27MHZ Channel: 4CH Control distance:about 90-110m Battery Battery: 9.6V  600mAh Ni-cd(included) Charging time:about 4-5hours Using time:about 15-20minutes Other Material:plastic and electric components Dimension Boat Size:46*14.5*12cm Packaging size:56*17.5*16.5cm 1.Simulation remote control rc boat,cool shape 2.The bow of the boat uses the top shape design,to make the boat reduce its resistance when sailing and the speed more fast 3.Using the high efficiency motor and energy conversion device,it will be more energey-saving and powerful,the max speed can up to 20km/h 4.New charging box design,can support the replacement between the rechargable batter and the common one 5.Forward and backward, left and right navigation, free switching and flexible Package included: 1X RC Boat(included the battery)[…]

Description: Item No: FT009 Size: 46×12.5×11.8CM Package Size:49.2×18.1×19.9CM Frequency: 2.4G Channal:4CH Voltage of battery:7.4V Input voltage of charger:100V-240V Color: Orange and Green Material:ABS,Electronic Battery For Transmitter: 6×1.5V” AA battery(not included) Battery For Boat: 7.4V Li battery(1500mAh) (included) Operation distance: about 100 to 150 meters Running speed: about 30kmh Charging Time: about 4 hours. Serviceable time: about 5 to 6 minutes Function: go forward,backward,turn left and right,with righting function Protection function:Overcharge/Over discharge Features: 1.New high speed RC boat, speed up to 30km per hour 2.High quality guarantees its stable performance 3.New design idea, novel appearance and exquisite workmanship 4.Built-in water cooling system, safe and reliable 5.4G frequency technology can make it feature high capacity of resisting disturbance 6.Various functions like go forward / backward, turn left and right, with righting function, can be easily controlled 7.Professional high capacity chargeable battery and quick battery charger 8.Protection for overcharge and over[…]