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Description Length: 935mm Height: 259mm Width: 151mm Main Blade Length: 470mm Main Rotor Diameter: 1054mm Tail Rotor Diameter: 219mm Motor Pinion Gear: 12T Main Drive Gear: 134T Main Drive Pulley: 80T Tail Drive Gear: 21T Drive Gear Ratio: 11.17:1:3.81 Weight(w/o battery): approx. 1450g Package Weight: About 2696g Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly: Transmitter(6-channel or more, helicopter system) Receiver(6-channel or more) 6S Li-Po 2600 ~ 3300mAh (3300mAh suggestion) Digital Pitch Gauge Standard equipment Microbeast PLUS Flybarless System x 1 set RCE-BL80X Brushless ESC x 1 520MX Brushless Motor(1600KV/3527) x 1 DS530M Digital servo x 3 DS535M Digital servo x 1 Package T-REX 500X KIT Set x 1 Microbeast PLUS Flybarless System x 1 set 470 Carbon Fiber Blades[…]

    Specification: ●Length: 705mm ●Height: 205mm ●Width: 110mm ●Main Blade Lenght: 360mm ●Main Rotor Diameter: 804mm ●Tail Rotor Diameter: 171mm ●Motor Drive Gear: 11T ●Main Drive Gear: 121T ●Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 106T ●Tail Drive Gear: 25T ●Drive Gear Ratio: 1:11:4.24 ●Weight(w/o battery): 825g Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly: 1.Transmitter(6-channel or more,helicopter system) 2.Receiver(6-channel or more) 3.Pitch gauge or Digital Pitch Gauge 4.6S Li-Po 1100~1400mAh battery x 1 Package Included: ●T-REX 450L DOMINATOR Set X 1 set ●450L Speen Fuselage X 1 set ●Microbeast PLUS Flybarless System X 1 set ●360 Carbon Fiber Blades X 1set ●RCE-BL45X 45A Brushless ESC X 1 ●460MX Brushless Motor(1800KV) X 1 ●DS450 Digital Servo X 3 ●DS455 Digital Servo X[…]

Specification:   Main Rotor Diameter: 935mm Main Blade Length: 420mm Tail Rotor Diameter: 196mm Tail Blade Length: 70mm Main Shaft Diameter: 8mm Tail Shaft Diameter: 5mm Motor Size: Maximum 41mm diameter, maximun height 41mm. Battery Compartment: 44x44x130mm   Radio Transmitter And Electronic Equipment Required For Assembly:   1.Transmitter: 6-channel or More, Helicopter System  2.Receiver: 6-channel or More 3.Pitch Gauge: Digital Pitch Gauge  4.Battery: 6S/22.2V 1500~2600mAh Li-Po Battery 5.Swashplate Servo: Micro Digital Metal Servo x 3 6.Tail-lock Servo: Medium Digital Metal Servo x 1  7.Gyroscope: Flybarless Gyro System x 1  8.Other: Plug & Assemble Tools Set   Packaging Included:   1x Devil 420 FAST FBL KIT 1x ALZRC Pentium-60A-V4 Brushless ESC 1x ALZRC 380X 6S Brushless Motor 1000KV 5.0mm – RMC-BL3120   Tags: 120, 130, 260,[…]