The Super Cub 750mm Sport Park Flyer is the ideal beginner’s choice when learning to fly with an instructor. It’s small size makes it easy to transport , but it’s power makes it a joy to fly. The top wing design of the Super Cub provides gentle handling characteristics with a flowing glide. Increasing the throw on the control surfaces really opens the this docile plane up allowing for tight angle turns, loops, and other aerobatic tricks!

Upgraded: New batch comes with Integrated control with self-stabilization function (11.08)

Brand name: Volantex
Iten number: V765-2

Wingspan: 750mm (29.5 in)
Overall Length: 520mm (20.5 in)
Flying Weight: 200g
Prop Size: 7040 propeller
Motor Size: 2808 outrunner
Speed Control : Easy-Plug 10A brushless
Servo: 9-gram Servo * 3pcs
Recommended Battery: 500mAh ~ 800mAh 20C Li-Po
Charger: 2S LiPo balancing USB charger
Flaps: No
Retracts: No
Radio: 2. 4-Channels ( included in )
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: Beginner
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: Less than 10 minutes
Is Assembly Required: Yes


* The ideal beginner’s choice when learning to fly with an instructor
* Quick, easy assembly, no glow required
* Lightweight and durable EPO construction
* Powerful brushless outrunner motor and good value 180A Power system two choice
* ABS cowling make it super durable
* A lot of potential to be upgraded become a good performance sport plan

Volantex V765-2 Super Cub Spare part, Click here

Package Included:
1X Volantex RC V765-2 765-2 Super Cub 750mm Sport Park Flyer RTF



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